Meeting in Monte Maccione, packed lunch provided. Depature in a Land Rover.

After passing the Su Gologone spring, proceed in the direction of the Valle di Lanaitto and, after arriving at the base of Mount Tiscali, walk along an old coal merchant’s path for about sixty minutes.

Once on top of the mountain, the landscape becomes unique and original. The scenery seems almost unreal, dominating the Lanaitto valley from above, placidly lying at the foot of the mountain and nestled between the limestone walls that drop to the peak until they disappear under the Mediterranean scrub woods.

From here you will cross a natural cleft that allows you to reach the village entrance in a few minutes. You enter the sinkhole that has housed the village of Tiscali for hundreds of years. The latter is the only settlement in Sardinia built inside a cave, where millions of years ago due to a settling of the earth, the vault collapsed, giving life to a large and enormous crater that man used as a refuge, building within it small houses of stone and mud, covered with logs.

On the opposite side of the entrance, a large window formed by the collapse of a stone from the wall, allows all visitors to enjoy a unique and rare landscape, dominating all the valleys and mountains from inside the cave.

After visiting the village, we will go back along the same path which, crossing a beautiful wood of holm oaks, strawberry trees and centuries-old junipers, allows us to reach the off-road vehicle, where lovely encounters with wild animals such as mouflons, eagles and wild boars are not unlikely. On board the Land Rover, we will cross the Valle di Lanaitto again to the starting point.

Immerse yourself in the magic of nature in the heart of Sardinia

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