Meeting in Monte Maccione, packed lunch provided. Departure in a Land Rover

After crossing the village of Dorgali, continue to Oddoene, one of the most beautiful and interesting valleys on the island for its expanses of olive groves, vineyards, countless archaeological sites and natural monuments, enclosed between the crests of Monte Gurttuglios and the Orientale Sarda highway.

From here you reach the village of S’Abbarva where, thanks to a small bridge, you can cross the Flumineddu stream and continue to the Gorroppu canyon. Leave the car and continue on foot taking a dirt road, entirely dug into the woods of holm oaks, strawberry trees and centuries-old junipers that form real natural tunnels with picturesque passages.

After a few kilometres, immersed in the heart of the Mediterranean scrub, you will reach the Gorroppu gorge, one of the largest and most interesting canyons in Europe, with walls around five hundred metres high, which is certainly a unique spectacle that cannot be found in the rest of the continent.

The gorge often gives the impression that the path closes in front of you, only to get there and find yourself in front of an entirely unique landscape that opens up almost suddenly. Scents and changing colours accompany thetravellerr along the entire itinerary, immersed in uncontaminated nature.

The constant work of the Flumineddu stream, which for centuries has flowed inside the gorge, and which rises impetuously on the occasion of heavy rains until it fills a large part of the canyon, has transformed the stones inside the Gorroppu, rounding them, smoothing them and shaping them up to turn them into real limestone spheres.

Furthermore, this wild, uncontaminated and natural place, nestled within the Supramonte with its very high walls, offers refuge to various species of birds of prey such as the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon and the buzzard, which with a singular whistle announce their presence, alerting the mouflons, the boars and the various wild animals that live in the area.

After visiting the gorge, we set off on foot and retrace the same road up to the S’Abbarva bridge before reaching the starting point.

Immerse yourself in the magic of nature in the heart of Sardinia

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