About us

We are a team, we are Sardinian and tenacious. From a young age, we chose to continue living in the place where we were born, rather than move away from the area.

Looking to the future, in 1981, we set up a cooperative that reconstructed the remains of an old abandoned summer camp.

We continued doing this for the next few decades, right up to the present day, reconverting it into a welcoming and supportive place for travellers exploring the region.

Taking inspiration from the wisdom of our ancestors and nourishment from the rocks and earth, thinking, learning, waiting and listening, we have mastered tourism.

The peace and beauty of the area, the quality of its products and the deep roots of its people have helped us a lot.

Our work has never been easy or simple, but it has almost always been enjoyable, and we are proud to still be here, in perfect harmony with this mountain and the surrounding area, following the desire for happiness that compels our guests to visit us.  

Restore your inner self: come to Monte Maccione.

You are in good hands

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