Scala Pradu and Punta Sos Nidos


Meet in Monte Maccione, packed lunch provided. Departure by Land Rover in Tuones (1000 metres)

Departure on foot until you reach “S’Ishala ‘e Pradu”, a picturesque natural terrace, the starting point for numerous treks lasting several days.

From here you can admire, on the one hand, towns that are tens of kilometres away, nestled in a unique and singular landscape, and on the other you can enjoy among the island’s most evocative and unique parts of the Supramonte. After crossing a wood of centuries-old holm oaks and junipers, you will find yourself on a mountain full of small dwarf plants, set in an immense expanse of limestone, similar to a lunar landscape.

Continue on foot for about sixty minutes until you reach Punta Sos Nidos, one of the highest peaks of the Supramonte of Oliena, at about 1380 metres high.

Arriving at the top, suddenly we witness one of the most beautiful views: in front of us a landscape of original beauty appears, looking out not only onto the surrounding valleys and mountains, but also the sea, beaches and entire gulf of Orosei. Here, nice encounters with mouflons and boars intent on grazing or birds of prey such as the golden eagle and buzzards are not unlikely, as the mountain cliffs, with overhangs of hundreds of metres, are where birds of prey choose to build their nests. It is no coincidence that this mountain is called Punta Sos Nidos.
Having admired the landscape, continue towards Vilithi, a mountain village where it is still possible to visit one of the many sheep pends, still intact, among the most beautiful and particular of the Supramonte, built in 1800 by the shepherds of the area and made of stone and juniper trunks. From here, take the return path, which, passing through “Sa Nurre ‘e sas Palumbas”, allows you to reach the off-road vehicle at the starting point.

As an alternative to Sos Nidos, from Scala and Pradu you can reach the roof of the Supramonte: Punta Corrasi at 1463 m.
Arriving at the top of the mountain, you will witness a unique and unrepeatable scenery, where half of Sardinia can be seen: kilometres of unspoiled land, from mountains to hills, from valleys to plains, from rivers to lakes, until you reach the sea.

Immerse yourself in the magic of nature in the heart of Sardinia


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