Codula di Luna and Cala Fuili


Type of excursion: landscape – botany – naturalistic

Meet in Monte Maccione, packed lunch provided. Departure by Land Rover to the S’abba Arva bridge.

Departing from Oliena by off-road vehicle, you will reach the village of Dorgali and continue on the Orientale Sarda, the important Roman road built centuries ago, from where you can enjoy a unique and original panorama.

Walking along the mountain ridges you can first admire the Supramonte di Oliena, Dorgali and Orgosolo, and then find yourself in front of the scenery of the wild mountains of Baunei that descend to the sea.

After a few kilometres you leave the main road to descend towards Telettotes, a beautiful location in the heart of the mountain, famous not only for its splendid natural corners, but also because there is the cave of Su Palu, the longest in Sardinia, an excellent playground for caving lovers, which with its countless branches reaches an extension of about forty kilometres.

Leaving the off-road vehicle, continue on foot, wading a small stream of crystal clear water that descends from the high walls of the mountain, disappearing until being swallowed up by the Supramonte, and crossing a part of the Su Palu cave.

The path winds along the rough bed of the stream, alternating between areas of dense and almost impenetrable wood, and open and sunny spaces that allow you to admire the great grey and reddish walls of the mountain. You will then find yourself along the river bed, immersed in real woods of centuries-old oleanders of a thousand colours, to overcome real “spheres” of limestone, smoothed and shaped by the constant work of crystalline water that flows undisturbed until it reaches Cala Luna.

You will then arrive at the famous beach, with fine and “crunchy” sand, as well as a turquoise and crystalline sea that suddenly opens up behind the beautiful centuries-old junipers. You will discover the white and enormous limestone rocks worked and smoothed by the great storms, leaving anyone gazing in admiration at a view of such beauty. The river that flows along a tortuous bed, now hidden by rocks and vegetation, ends its course by throwing itself on the transparent sea, while the white sand beach of Cala Luna appears surrounded by centuries-old oleanders of a thousand colours.

The seagulls and cormorants, always guardians of this hidden beauty, flutter around in the high skies of eastern Sardinia and perform dives of rare mastery. Finally, its geographical position, nestled between the cliffs of the limestone mountain, gives Cala Luna a touch of original beauty so as to classify it as one of the most fascinating beaches in the world and a favourite destination for many tourists.

After admiring and enjoying this area of rare beauty, we go up again and along a beautiful, very wide and easily passable track which allows us to enjoy the splendid seabed of the Gulf of Orosei from above, until we reach the off-road vehicles at Cala Fuili and return to the starting point.

Immerse yourself in the magic of nature in the heart of Sardinia


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